Following are a few speeches out of several speeches delivered in the Lok Sabha as a Member of Parliament :

1. Raised his voice in the House requesting the Government to provide alternative employment opportunities by establishing food processing units, manufacturing units of readymade garments and Silk to the drought hit farmers of Ananthapuramu District on 09 - 12 - 2003.

2. A comprehensive pathetic picture of Guntakal Railway Division was presented in the House on 04 - 03 - 2003. The gross negligence of the Guntakal Railway Division in all fronts by all the Railway Ministers was focused in his speech.

3. The unending water woes of Anantahpuramu District were raised innumerable number of times in the House. Ananthapuramu District is the second lowest rainfall receiving District,after Jaisalmer in Rajasthan. It was brought to the notice of the house how the adjoining Karnataka State, from which the rivers like Tungbhadra, Penna and Chitravathi start their course, had been using the waters of the said rivers by encroaching upon the natural rights of the lower riparian states by constructing dams across the said rivers, illegally. It was also explained to the House how the Karnataka State had been violating the Bachawat award, set to look into the water disputes of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, and other agreements aimed at solving the water problems.

4. The Water Board granted permission illegally to the Karnataka State to construct several structures aimed at preventing the flow of waters to Ananthapuramu District. All the objections in this regard were unheard by the authorities. This was brought to the notice of the House in the month of July, 2003. The then Hon'ble Deputy Minister for Water Resources Smt. Vijaya Chakravarthy gave a written reply and accepted with the argument. The meeting under the Chairmanship of Central Water Board, decided that the waters in Paragodu Project should be used for drinking purposes only.

5. The ground water levels in Ananthapuramu District has been depleting. The authorities noticed certain regions where the problem was alarming and named them as "Dark Areas". The same issue was raised in the Lok Sabha stressing the need for taking immediate steps to increase the ground water levels in 2001. The Minister concerned Sri A.K. Patil gave an assurance to take necessary steps in this regard.

6. Thousands of farmers of Kanekal, Bommanahal mandals of Rayadurg, organized an agitation in a big way, for Thungabhadra waters for irrigation purpose in 2002. Certain untoward incidents took place in the agitation. Sincere efforts were made in convincing the authorities concern so as to withdraw the cases against agitating farmers.

7. The problem lack of hygienic and healthy diet for the people of drought prone District of Ananthapuram was brought to the notice of Lok Sabha on 06 - 08 - 2003. The then Minister concern, Sri M. Raja, reacted positively and took steps to solve the problem.

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