Kalava Srinivasulu’s emergence as a Man of Masses, has its roots in his attitude itself. His brought-up, his association with the people of discipline and dedication towards their work made him to be honesty and dedicated in his work. In his long tenure as a Journalist of a leading Telugu daily, “Eenadu”, he happened to see the other side of the life of common men. A comprehensive study of each and every problem and probing into the reasons of a problem, made him to understand the pathetic condition of the people. This experience has helped him to serve the people better. His basic nature of empathy towards the common men has made him to have a respectable place in the hearts and minds of them. They feel that he is one among them. He is near to the heart of common men. He was elected as a Member of Parliament in 1999 General Elections and served in that position for 5 years. During his tenure he was never influenced by the pomp and pomposity of his position. In addition to this, the President of TDP Sri Nara Chandra Babu Naidu garu asked him to serve as the A.P. State Telugu Desam Party General Secretary. There were only 3 General Secretaries in the Party then. Though he was new to the Politics, he gave a new pride and glory to it. Later he became the member of the highest decision making body of the Party, Politburo. But he was untouched by the grandeur of his position. He liked to rub his shoulders with the common men. His busy life as an M.P. and the General Secretary of the party never deterred him of his passion for fighting for the rights of common men. It is this aspect which differentiates him from other politicians. Like a statesman, he never thought of next election but of providing a permanent solution to the problems of the people. In the recent general elections in 2014, he opted for an MLA ticket, as it will give an opportunity for him to have a close association with the people to understand and put an end to their problems, permanently. Simple living and high thinking is his motto.

After his becoming MLA of Rayadurgam as a giant killer, he shouldered the responsibility of Chief Whip of Govt. of Andhra Pradesh. Even this high profile position hasn’t deterred him from mingling with the people freely, surpassing all protocol norms. Rayadurgam is much neglected and backward region in the District. Desertification has already raised it’s ugly head turning the agricultural lands into deserts as there are perennial droughts in this region. He thought of addressing this problem by adopting not the temporary measures but by such methods which will put an end to this problem once for all. He initiated an innovative and an enduring programme – “Rayadurgam-Harithaswargam” – the aim of which is to plant 20 lakh saplings by the end of 2020. Within one year 5 lakhs saplings have been planted. He has made the people, voluntary organizations, students, politicians, officials, ZPTCs, MPTCs, Sarpanchs, Counselors, the District Administration, philanthropists and people from all walks of life to pay their might in this holy sacrament. He has succeeded in making the people realize the dire need of growing trees. The Centenary of “Rayadurgam-Harithaswargam” programme was celebrated with gaiety all over Constituency. Festive mood gripped all over the villages.

As a visionary he thought of the future of next generation. He has understood the need of inculcating ethical values and creating awareness of environment in education. “Education, Environment and Ethical Values”, the EEE programme which is the brain child of Kalava Srininvasulu, was introduced so as to influence the tender hearts and minds of the children of this region. The AADI foundation extended it’s helping hand to this programme. Around 30 thousand 6th to 10th class students were enlightened about the EEE. Mr. Lenin Babu, a talented young singer with a socialistic bent of mind extensively toured along with Kalava Srinivasulu in propagating the said ideals. It has a tremendous impact on the students leading to create self confidence and self reliance in them.

He has realized that perennial drought conditions besides, ignorance, illiteracy, poor economic conditions are affecting the fabric of the society in Rayadurgam in unimaginable and unexpected ways.

He has a strong conviction that an educated woman in a family will be very much instrumental in taking the entire family in the right direction, thereby helping the society also to have a congenial atmosphere for development in all spears. He sincerely feels that the woman who performs different roles, right from her childhood, as a daughter, as a sister, as a mother, as a sister-in-law, as a grandmother, with responsibility and without any regrets, should be paid more attention by emancipating her from all artificial shackles. With this aim a comprehensive and exhaustive survey for the period of three months has been conducted, with a genuine aim to know about the condition of innocent and zealous girl students who were compelled to give up their dream of becoming an educated girl child and support their families in all possible ways. The Survey has revealed shocking and astonishing facts about the plight and reasons for girl-child-drop-outs. Continuous drought conditions resulting in migration of poor farmers to other regions, societal conditions, outdated and barbaric superstitions, child marriages, ‘Basivini and Jogini systems, malnutrition have their cascading effect on girl child by preventing them from receiving even primary education. The Survey has revealed that 2122 girl child students have dropped out from the schools. He was disturbed by these findings and felt sorry that even 6 decades after Independence, we are witnessing these indigestible facts.

These heart-breaking facts have moved him so much that he has determined to make sincere efforts under the able leadership of our Hon’ble Chief Minister Sri Nara Candra Babu Naidu garu, with the helping hand of the Government, Philanthropists, Industrialists and the NGOs to send each and every girl child to the school.

His determination to emancipate women by educating the girl child drop-outs has made him to initiate a programme – “Chaduvula Vodi” – in Rayadurgam on 11 – 04 – 2016. The programme was launched by Smt. Paritala Sunitha, Hon’ble Minister for Civil Supplies, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh. Besides, he has sought the help of certain bigwigs like Smt. Sudha Murthy of Infosys, Bengaluru.

He is a people’s leader with a touch of social concern. The prevailing evils of the society and problems of the people made him to probe into these issues. He has realized that education with ethical values will be a permanent solution to these problems so as to realize his dream of creating a healthy society. He knows pretty well that the fruits of his efforts will be enjoyed by the people in the future. He wants to gift a unique Rayadurgam with good ambience, inhabiting compassionate and cultured people to the future generations.

Kalava Srinivasulu’s political upbringing was being done by these principles only. This is the reason why he never got depressed, never tried to forget his larger responsibility as a representative of the people. He has become immune to luxuries and lavish life style of the Aristocratic society.

Kalava Srinivasulu is a typical family-man. He loves to spend time with his small and cute family. He doesn’t try to exert his authority over his wife or children. He happily mingles with them and tries to shower his love and affection on them. His life is a pathfinder to the young generation. He loves and respects his mother so much that he never tried to deny whatever good suggestions given by her. He has a patient ear for his mother.

If friendship is his weakness, it is his strength also. When he gets depressed he gets solace in their company and with their words. When he is in adversity his friends provided a helping hand, both financial support and moral support, to him. It has encouraged him to scale new heights overcoming even worst sort of afflictions. He never tried to shy away from shouldering his responsibility as a responsible and reliable friend. Because he believes that ‘a true friend always laughs at your jokes no matter if they are good or not and suffers for your problems even if they are not that serious’.

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